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SLA Backed Response Time Less than 1 Hour!

Secured Environment – Your Data is Safe!

Solving Big Projects and Small Tasks Alike!

Monthly Subscription Plan Guarantees Highest Support Level!

Case Studies


Company Size: 2 # of Subscriptions: 1

Why do you use OfficeWorkMate? My time is worth a lot and I can’t afford to be wasting it in spreadsheets or formatting documents in Word or presentations in PowerPoint.

What is the value of the Subscription based model to you? I pay for a subscription based consulting service for one simple reason: Guaranteed Response Time!

I used project-based consultants before and though it was nice to pay for them only when you use them, the issue was reliability – I need to know that when I have a brief due in 2 hours I can reach my consultant and they can solve the issue so I can continue working. With a project based consultant, I was not consistently able to reach them in a timely manner.


Accounting Firm

Company Size: 100+ # of Subscriptions: 5 (covering 50 people)

Why do you use OfficeWorkMate? Most of our time is spent in Excel and though we rarely have issues on an individual level, between everyone in our office we end up wasting hours or even days of time each month troubleshooting something in Excel; it’s always Excel for us.

We also like the fact that we can call-in and get a quick answer to small tasks that add-up each month. Before, we only used consulting for big projects and now we can contact a consultant and get immediate answers to questions as simple as “how do I format this table in such and such a way…” and this has been a big thing for us.

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